Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After Supper

Tom and Dot Broadfoot
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I am of the opinion that photos taken of those we love are best done on ordinary days. People are stopped in time, as they are everyday, in clothes we remember, in places where the photographer and the subjects feel comfortable.

This Polaroid photo taken in the late 1960's is black and white but it is fading fast to a kind of yellowish color. I scanned it and fixed it up as best I can; applying black and white as an effect to make it look as it did the day I took it.

It was taken after supper, probably just after the dishes were washed. My dad is still in his work clothes, tie and white shirt. Mom, ever "fashion conscious" is wearing her favorite gray jumper. They are both wearing "house sweaters" since the thermostat was always kept down. Mom was always cold but it was my dad who would sneak over and give it "a shot of heat" on his way to the bathroom and later he would lower it back thinking that my mom wouldn't notice. She did.

Just an ordinary day but close to our hearts...

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