Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Howland Mayflower Line

Behind the Gravestone by midgefrazel
Behind the Gravestone, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

  Behind the Gravestone: Our Mayflower Lines

Midge's Howland Line
  1. John Howland
  2. Desire Howland and John Gorham
  3. Elizabeth Gorham and Joseph Hallett
  4. Lois Hallett and Henry Cobb
  5. Eunice Cobb and Benadam Gallup
  6. Benadam Gallup and Hannah Avery
  7. Benadam Gallup and Bridget Palmer
  8. Bridget Gallup and Sands Fish
  9. Levina Fish and Isaac Denison, Jr.
  10. Eliza Fish Denison and Dudley Wheeler Stewart
  11. Charles Edward Stewart and Ada Ann Evans
  12. Evans Stewart and Hannah Josephine Barber
  13. Dorothy Frances Stewart and Thomas Harcomb Broadfoot
  14. Midge

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