Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Soule Mayflower Lines

Gravestone Back by midgefrazel
Gravestone Back, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Behind the Gravestone: Our Mayflower Lines

Midge's Soule Line
  1. George Soule
  2. Susanna Soule and Francis West
  3. Susannah West and Moses Barber
  4. Benjamin Barber and Mary Perry
  5. Benjamin Perry Barber and Hannah Merriott
  6. Matthew Stillman Barber and Phebe Elizabeth Hall
  7. James Albert Barber and Hannah Josephine Tourgee
  8. James Frederick Barber and Nellie Schofield
  9. Hannah Josephine Barber and Evans Stewart
  10. Dorothy Frances Stewart and Thomas Harcomb Broadfoot
  11. Midge

Steve's Soule Line
  1. George Soule
  2. John Soule and Rebecca Simmons
  3. Moses Soule and Mercy Southworth
  4. Jedediah Soule and Tabitha Bishop
  5. Ichabod Soule and Martha Barton
  6. Phebe Soule and Amos Sylvester
  7. Salome Sylvester and Jeremiah Cotton
  8. Eliza Ann Cotton and James Rogers Merrow
  9. Fredericka Bremer Merrow and Vergene Ovando Hyde
  10. Linda Edwards Hyde and Phares David Frazel
  11. Wilbur Hyde Frazel and Ruth Hannah Craig
  12. Steve


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Awww, you mean you have TWO Mayflower lines, and I can't even find one? Unfortunately, my ancestors were here before those latecomers, so mine missed the boat, so to speak. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

HPettie1970 said...

I had always dreamed of having a Mayflower connection but didn't believe it, until today. I was looking through the find a grave website and discovered that I was connected to George Soule through his daughter Susanna too.
Here is my line

1. George Solue
2. Susanna Soule and Francis West
3.Susannah West and Moses Barber
4. Benjamin Barber and Mary tefft
5. Nathan Barber and Thankful Maxson
6. Thankful Barber and James Lews
7. James Lewis/Olive Rathbone
8. Henry Barber Lewis/ Sally Reynolds
8. Erasmus Henry Lews/ Amelia A Monroe
9. Caroline Louise Lewis/ John William Moore
9.Carrie Irene Moore/Harry Earl Peterson
10. Donald Dean Peterson/Sharon Dianne Davis
11. Helen Irene Peterson (me)