Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Country Death Record

Robert Hannah [Death] [Crop] by midgefrazel
Robert Hannah [Death] [Crop], a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Death Record of Jane HANNAH's father, Robert Hannah 
Recently, I have been working on my paternal ancestors. This is a crop of a death record from Scotland. The images are copyrighted even though you pay for each search and each record.

Under copyright law, I am allowed (as an educator for teaching purposes) a piece of a document to demonstrate to other genealogists and family historians, the process of records.

Each one must be analyzed. Members of my extended family told me that my great grandmother Jane HANNAH's father was Adam HANNAH. The IGI record index told me that Jane's name was Jane Wilson HANNAH. Both records were wrong (Well, right for somebody else, I guess!)

That makes me uneasy, so I tracked her back through the Scotland census with her husband, John BROADFOOT (the monument maker) until the point where she was unmarried. I looked at each year, and studied her children. I was still unsure of her exact date of birth and place.

As you can see, Jane HANNAH's mother was Jane SMITH. (Yikes). Fortunately, this family kept naming daughters, Jane Hannah and Jane Smith. This is helpful when you are unsure of where you are going with your research.

Finally, I found out that her father was Robert HANNAH. Because of another person's tree at, I could verify that I had the right father. Only then, did I go looking for his death record.

Everything was working! I carefully recorded each fact. His son-in-law was present at the death., his wife has the right maiden surname.

Ah! There are his parent's names. Now, the other researcher has different information.

Isn't anything perfect?

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Anonymous said...

It does get tricky when there are many in the family with the same names. I have found this out. Hard also when those with same name were of similar age and also lived in close proximity to each other. You are a good careful researcher.