Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Daniel Denison EDGECOMB

Photo by Brian Zoldac, used with permission

Understated Gravestone; Big Story

As you saw in my previous post, Capt. Gurdon Gates bought Daniel Denison Edgecomb's house, so these two men are bound together forever by the house which is on Sea Captain's Row in Mystic, CT. If you have not read what I blogged about in my adventures with Daniel here are the links to those posts.
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It is with great pleasure, that I discovered that Brian Zoldak already photographed this gravestone. I printed the photo of this stone, bought a frame and placed it above the table. This way he can keep watch over his work.

Daniel had two wives and many children. It looks as if Brian has found them all, so I will blog about them at another time. I keep wondering if there are living descendants but I'm not giving up my table! 

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