Friday, January 31, 2014

Moving to the Plat

Hilltop Drive by midgefrazel
Hilltop Drive, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

Moving Day

I am fairly sure that this is the first photo of our house in The Plat. It is a scan of a Kodachrome slide in my grandparent's collection. I date this photo as October, 1947. My dad is still driving the Ford (the car in the driveway) that was bought for my mother. The black car in front is my grandparents car. 

The Ford Phaeton is a two tone convertible. I hated the "open" nature of this car. Remember, there were no seat belts at the time. My mother was disappointed that I didn't go "Wheeeee!!!" when the top was down. I dreaded going downhill. 

I see that the house is still beige in color. It was soon changed to gray. The railings on the front steps are no longer there in later photos. The tree is so tiny. The street curbing is intact. Familiar but foreign is this photo taken before I can remember. 

The house next door looks finished but not lived in. My mother told me that the lady across the street (where my grandpa is standing to take this photo) had the nearest telephone. I was shocked. Imagine living here, pregnant, no car in the daytime and no parents to take care of her. (plat map today)

Now, we can really begin the story of "the Plat". Evidently, you can go home again. It is a healing experience. 

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