Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Graybill family

Martha Graybill by midgefrazel
Martha Graybill, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

The Graybill Family
My parents used to talk about the family that were our next door neighbors on the side of the house that you can see in this photo. My father told me that they were from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and that he was going to Bible college in Barrington, RI. He thought that the parents of this young couple were rich because when they came to visit, they came in big expensive black cars. At that time, they did not have children. 

They are not listed on the plat/assessor's card for that address. All I had to go by is the index card in my mother's address book with these people's former address.

I decided to go to Find-a-Grave and look to see if this family was listed in that part of Pennsylvania. I was so surprised to actually find the right cemetery and memorial. My father said that they might be Amish or Mennonite. The family is buried in Landisville Mennonite Cemetery but are listed as Evangelical Lutheran. There are no photographs in my parents collection of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Graybill. (The house is shown in another photo.) 

From his obituary (because parents were listed), I managed to find out, with the help of Ancestry.com, that the original name might be Krehbiel. They owned a feed and grain business. 

The photograph shown in this post is of me and the little girl that  Mr and Mrs. Graybill named Martha. I was sad to see that Martha died at a young age and that Mr. and Mrs. Graybill must have been divorced and that he remarried. It would be great to share my photo with living family. 

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