Thursday, May 01, 2014

Living with Ida Murphy Barber

May Day, 2014

Photo by Midge Frazel, 30 May 2007, River Bend Cemetery, Westerly, RI

The Rhode Island State Census of 1925 holds the key to where my 2nd great grandfather, James Albert Barber was living when he died.  [This is a photo of me taken with the Barber family plot where he is buried.]

Midge Frazel, photo collection of the author,
 River Bend Cemetery, Westerly, RI
His obituary tells me that his sloop, the Triumph, was docked in Thompson's Cove and my cousin's wife showed us the house on East Avenue where she was sure he lived out his last days but I have not been able to find any proof of that until now. 

The head of household, Ida Murphy Barber, widow of William, (see gravestone) lived with her sons, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren in this state census taken 22-25 May, 1925. James is a boarder. He dies that June at the age of 84 years and 11 months. Finally, I have proof of what she told me. 

The street name is given but no house number so I would still be puzzling over this if she and I had not looked at the water that you can see out the car window in the house photo. I said that he would not want to live with any of his children because he could not walk to sit on his sloop. At least my Civil War Hero could still smell the salt air as he lay dying. 

East Ave. Home, collection of the author
Position of East Ave. and Thompson's Cove


Bill Nicholls said...

Nice bit of detective work there.

Midge Frazel said...

Thanks, Bill. It is nice to put his place of death in a real spot!