Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Warren Parmenter

Parmenter Family
Tombstone Tuesday: Warren Parmenter

Warren Parmenter, photo from the collection of Midge Frazel, 2010
Southborough Rural Cemetery Inscriptions. page 125, Warren (1814-1892), Priscilla (1812-1887), Waldo (1843-1857), Algernon (1845-1857) Ellen (1846-1847) Ella (1848-1851) Section 3 Lot 30

Eleanor Parmenter (1818-1856) had a brother who was closest in age to her. I did not know, when I took this photo, that this was her sibling. At that point, I just took anybody named with my husband's family surnames. As I was working backwards on Eleanor's tree, I realized that I had taken this gravestone. Warren (1814-1892) was born before Eleanor and lived for many years after his sister died. 

His wife was Priscilla STEELE and as you can see from the cemetery book transcripton above, there were four children buried here at Southborough Rural Cemetery.  Another son Alston (1851-1879) is buried in Los Angeles, California. His middle name was Ezra, like his grandfather.

I am still working on this family. I think that there may have been more names recorded on the reverse side of this gravestone since many granite monuments in this cemetery are of the same style. You know what that means? Roadtrip!

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