Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mayflower Ancestors: Got Pilgrims?

Top of the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA, photo by Midge Frazel
Got Pilgrims?

At this time of year, all of us who have Mayflower Ancestors get questions about how we proved that we are related to them. It is a lot of work to do so. I learned so much about proof by researching mine. Each step of the proof from my parents back taught me how to send for vital records, how to take gravestone photos and how to stay organized.

Many New Englanders have ancestors who came over in the years after the Mayflower and it is important to remember them too! 

I gathered the basic resources into a tab on my blog called "Our Mayflower Ancestors" so I thought I'd remind you that this is there to help anyone. I have listed mine and hubs too (as we are Mayflower cousins) and below that are several good site for information on them.

I am thankful to all of those who helped me with mine.

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