Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 17: Granite Hewer John Broadfoot: About Helen Tait

Granite Hewer
John Broadfoot's Story
Day 17

Helen Tait

Letter from Walter P. Broadfoot, 1971 explaining his branch of the family

After meeting Great Auntie Peg (Margaret Harcomb Broadfoot) the last child of John Broadfoot and Jane Hannah, Auntie Peg wrote me a letter and gave me the address of her step brother Walter P. Broadfoot. I wrote to him asking for information about his mother and his sister and brothers. This crop is one of the pages of the letter. I remember thinking it was sad that he lost a sibling who was only 29.

Helen Tait Broadfoot may have been called Ellen. I know most of her children moved to England. She was born in Scotland on 25 May 1862 in Kells and died 23 July 1943 in Dalbeattie. Helen's parents were Alexander Tait and Agnes Tait. They probably were cousins. I have worked on her parents and grandparents but not paid for all their vital and census records as yet.

Walter died in 1989. He had no children. I always thought it was cute how he signed his letter to me with a kiss from his wife Ruby.

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