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Day 18: Granite Hewer: John Broadfoot: John's Death

Granite Hewer
John Broadfoot's Story
Day 18

John's Death, 1926

Present Day Gravestone Photo by Ruth Robb, used with permission
John Broadfoot , Granite Hewer Dies in 1926

John Broadfoot, my great grandfather, died at Alpine Cottage in Dalbeattie on 21 November 1926, of stomach cancer with his youngest child Robert Broadfoot in attendance. As you can see, his name and date are on the "original" gravestone along with his daughter Esther, the only child from his first marriage who did not come to America.

I was interested to see that Helen Tait is interred at Liverpool but I am not sure where she lived when she died. Her eldest son, Hugh, is also listed on the stone which is how I found out where he is buried.

Sad as it is, the stone's deterioration, is quite normal. At least the carving can still be read.

This is the stone transcription:

who fell asleep in Jesus 2nd April 1895/
In the 44th year of her age./
Their infant son, born and died 3rd June 1876./
JAMES, their son who died at Vernon, B.C./
24th November 1912 in the 31st year of his age./
Also the above JOHN BROADFOOT/
Who died 21st November 1926/
in the 74th year of his age.
Beloved wife of FRANCIS FERGUSON,
Died November 5th 1928. Aged 42 years.

Information added to stone between 1928 and  2012
eldest son of above John Broadfoot and /
of Helen Broadfoot his wife who died December/
22nd 1929 aged 29 years, buried at
Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire.
Also the above Helen Broadfoot who died 23rd July 1943 aged 80 years. Interred at Liverpool.

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