Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jonathan and Esther (Denison) Wheeler

Photos by Midge Frazel, transcriptions by Fred Burdick, 2017
This morning I had a question by a new Facebook friend, about this couple who are one set of my 6th great grandparents. They are buried in the Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery in Stonington. I have visited there and have a CD of all the photos taken by Fred Burdick. The only photos that I took were of this couple. Fred's photos are VERY much better.

For some reason, Facebook won't let me post this collage. It says it is not a "picture". I suspect we are posting too many photos to Facebook and they are going to cut back. Well, that's why I blog. I am going to post this blog post and see what happens.

Fred got his transcriptions from the book Old Homes of Stonington by Grace Denison Wheeler. The cemetery section is not in all print copies. The one at Google doesn't contain that section.

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