Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas 1957
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Stocking Stuffer, 8th Edition Smile for the Camera

Christmas Past

The year is 1957 and I have just had my 10th birthday. My grandmother is a widow and we have survived a Christmas without my grandfather. According to the Cranston (RI) City Directory, she still lives in this house alone but it won't be for long. She has sold the grand piano (which should be where I am sitting) and has decided to move to an apartment complex which is not very far away.

Last year, she showed me the family Bible with its many names under births, marriages and deaths, and gave me the photographs of my grandfather's grandparents so in this photo, I am already a genealogist.

This is the Christmas that she bought me this Eloise doll and I hung my two favorite ornaments on the tree but things will never be the same. Next year on my birthday, we went to New York shopping, to see the Rocketttes, watch the skaters, see the windows at Macy's and stay in the Plaza Hotel. I am moving away from dolls and into stamp collecting by then but Eloise is still a favorite. This photo is a "stocking stuffer" for my own daughter as she now owns the fancy stocking that I used at my grandmother's house.

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Bob Kramp said...

What a lot of memories in this photo for you, especially being the first after the passing of your grandfather. Life went on. I bought the DVD "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" starring the Rockettes, which I am looking forward to sharing with my 88 year old Mom this Christmas. You have a great one. Bob