Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obituary of James A. Barber

James A. Barber's Obit
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This is a scanned copy of the obituary of my 2nd great grandfather, James Albert Barber. It was in his field diary that was found in the special collections at the Providence Public Library by Robert Grandchamp, my friend, who has been researching his unit for an upcoming book and for his Master's thesis. I was more than happy to help Robert with the family side of his historical project and he, in turn, taught me about the battles of the Civil War.

I did not know the name of his boat or that they called him "Capt. Jim". That's not his rank, that's an indication of his status as a mariner. Every piece of the puzzle brings new insight into the life of my important military hero ancestor.

James Albert Barber

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