Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Year in Review

Blog Journal 2015, photo by Midge Frazel

Year in Review 2014
Meeting Goals

Today, I am remembering the last month of 2013 where I found my Quaker family in Adams, Massachusetts with the help of a single email. I knew this was going to be a stellar year. I still hope to go to the Quaker meetinghouse and see those gravestones for myself as I didn't get there last summer.

It was fun investigating my childhood neighborhood using city directories and plat maps from the City of Cranston, Rhode Island. In August, I returned to spend a day there and discovered that researching can be a great healer of broken hearts. 

A couple shopping hours in Garden City also helped. I still have Sentimental Sunday posts to write about my day there. I can't wait to go back. I'd like to take a couple photos of my high school, the masonic temple and the church where I was baptized.

In February, I returned to my photo organizing project and contributed to Maureen Taylor's newest book. That's fun! I got a lot of my heritage photos organized, scanned and in archival boxes. I still have so many more to go!

In March, I investigated my famous Schofield family and found records of their life in Saddleworth, England.

Some of my Find a Grave requests paid off and hubs family research started to go better and better. I gained several gravestone photos without leaving home. They were located where I thought they should be and the did show information I didn't expect.

Blogging about my ancestor, Avery Denison's bullet hole ridden gravestone was a big hit in April. Then, I returned to working on Hubs family Parmenters where many graves have weeping willows.

Highly Caffeinated Genealogist

I ranted about "Minding Your Own Beeswax" and plan to rant more unless I get more highly caffeinated. Thank heavens for my Keurig. Caramel Vanilla is my favorite coffee there days.

Next up was more investigation of my Rhode Island ancestors and found the new project of the Rhode Island Cemetery Commission very helpful. I loved finding Joshua Barber's (empty) burial ground with gravestones moved but the sign still up. Imagine, someone took a photo of the location!

Blogging about heritage gardens and heirloom jewelry was great fun and I want to investigate this more. We started organizing hubs military records and scanning his medals with my Flip-Pal.

Finally, I worked with several other genealogists on photographing and researching a whole cemetery. I have so much information that it had to be put off until 2015.

I am participating in the Genealogy Do-Over by getting my Broadfoot great grandparents and their ancestors in the right order and re-reading all the records again.

Keeping a blog journal (on a simple calendar) really helped me meet my goals and find ways to blog about them. Finally something that worked and it cost just a couple of dollars.

Here's to a wonderful year of discovery!

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Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Midge, it is nice to look back to see what you tried and what you accomplished at the end of a year. I never seem to meet all the goals I set.